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History of EWB

We've Been Here Since 1870!

Isaac Ellis traded in stocks before 1870, however by this date the practice was dealing with the disposal of assets from deceased estates and running auctions of real estate and chattels.

Prior to the First World War the firm was well established with few competitors in the Sheffield area. Isaac Ellis, John Willis and Mr. Beckett had their lives greatly changed by the First World War. Mr. Beckett emigrated to Canada prior to the war. Isaac Ellis, who was convinced he would die in the War, was proved right which left John Willis, who was too old to be conscripted to fight, to continue business as best he could during war time.

Stanley Todd had been working in the company prior to the First World War but volunteered to fight even though he was under age. Joining the Yorks and Lancs Regiment he was severely wounded the day before the Battle of the Somme. After his recovery he returned to the practice and ran the firm with John Willis up to the start of the Second World War. Stanley purchased the firm on the death of Mr. Willis at the start of the Second World War. Their premises on George Street were burned to the ground on the night of the Sheffield Blitz and business eventually resumed at 54 Campo Lane where it stayed until 1993.

During this period Stuart Todd joined his father and various partners, including James Renton and Patrick Crapper, joined and left.

By 1984 Nicholas Todd had qualified as a chartered surveyor and had become a partner. The firm continued to practice being run by the Todd family, with Stuart's wife Shirley and daughter Joanne running the office.

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Published on: 2005-07-19 (12727 reads)

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