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Sellers Guide


Our salerooms are situated on Carlisle Street, close to the centre of Sheffield with easy access from the M1. We are able to accommodate all types of stock, vehicles and machinery.

Our charges for sale of furniture, stock and machinery are 15% + V.A.T.

We are able to remove, store and sell virtually anything via our salesroom.

Our Charges Go Towards

1) Advertising in the local and regional press. Coverage in national auction publications and specialist advertising can be arranged on request.

2) Lotting and viewing. Approximately 1000 people view our monthy sales.

3) Insurance of goods whilst under our control.

4) Security. Fully alarmed premises connected to 24 hour monitoring and additional security guard services when considered necessary.

5) Inclusion in catalogue. Published in booklet form and distributed to an extensive mailing list and published on the web.

6) Our sale commission.

7) Free storage of goods awaiting sale.

8) No sale no commission or advertising charges unless previously agreed.


Sale of Goods by Auction in the Saleroom

1. The vendor or his representative warrants that the ownership of the goods is vested in him without encumbrance.

2. Ellis, Willis & Beckett accept instructions to act as agents in the sale of goods by auction or private treaty.

3. The Misrepresentation Act 1967 may, in some circumstances, give rise to the vendor being liable to the purchaser. Vendors should ensure that descriptions provided for the auctioneer are accurate. The auctioneers will take all due care and diligence when cataloguing. In the event of a dispute, the auctioneer has the right to rescind an auction contract.

4. RESERVE PRICES: The vendor has the right to fix a reserve price, being the lowest figure the auctioneers can accept for the lot. Ellis, Willis & Beckett will confirm fixed reserves in writing prior to sale. The vendor agrees to check this information prior to sale and inform the auctioneer prior to sale day in writing if any alterations to the figures are required.

5. INSURANCE: Goods situated on the auctioneers premises are covered by insurance for fire, theft and damage. In the event of total loss, reimbursement will be made equivalent to that if sold at reserve, taking into account all expenses. VEHICLES should remain insured by the vendor.

6. TESTING & SALE OF GOODS: All electrical items will be earth safety tested at a cost of

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Published on: 2005-07-19 (16626 reads)

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